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Part Number Cross Reference

Search for the appropriate replacement Variacs by entering  your older or obsolete part number in the box below.  Use the links provided to compare electrical and mechanical specifications to be sure that the replacement is suitable for your application.  Contact ISE if your part number is not listed or if you need assistance in selecting a replacement Variac.

Your Part Number:    
Your Part Number ISE Replacement Part Number Amps More Info Drawing Notes
100BU 171 1.75 http://variac.com/staco_variable_transformer_100_.htm http://www.instrumentationcentral.com/staco/EngineeringDrawings/171.pdf  
100BU-2 171-2 1.75 http://variac.com/staco_variable_transformer_100_.htm    
100BU-3 171-3 1.75 http://variac.com/staco_variable_transformer_100_.htm http://www.instrumentationcentral.com/staco/EngineeringDrawings/171-3.pdf  
1010 1010B 10 http://variac.com/staco_variable_transformer_1000_1200.htm http://instrumentation-central.com/staco/EngineeringDrawings/1010B.pdf Does not include 3 hole mount
1010-2 1010B-2 10 http://variac.com/staco_variable_transformer_1000_1200.htm http://instrumentation-central.com/staco/EngineeringDrawings/1010B-2.pdf Does not include 3 hole mount


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